Original Paintings Artist Amber Houweling

Welcome to my art world, where each painting has its own unique story. I invite you to awaken your curiosity and explore the deeper layers of my work. Behind every brushstroke lies meaning, an emotion that I am eager to share with you.


Every painting is a window into my inner world, a reflection of my deepest thoughts and feelings. I would love to take you on a journey where you can uncover the stories behind my creations and understand why I painted them. It's my "why," my driving force captured passionately in paint.

As you browse through my artworks, I challenge you to immerse yourself in the carefully chosen colors, shapes, and textures. Perhaps you will discover entirely different meanings and interpretations than I originally intended. It's fascinating to witness how art can evoke various emotions and stories in different people.


Hi, I'm Amber, an artist who creates large modern paintings. I also create commissioned paintings, tailored to your preferences. Let me help you make your home beautiful with Art and Design. Make your home unique!

Set your imagination free and dive into my paintings. Discover the hidden symbolism, feel the intensity of the emotions I aim to convey. My art is a narrative experience, an invitation to see the world through my eyes.

I look forward to hearing what you see and feel in my paintings. Every perspective is unique and valuable. So go ahead, enjoy the view, let yourself be inspired, and experience the stories my artworks tell. Welcome to "Storytelling Art!