Large Modern Abstract Artwork: Dutch Contemporary Artwork: MOON FLOWER | Amber Houweling

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Large Modern Abstract Artwork, Dutch Contemporary Artwork: Artist, Amber Houweling

This captivating painting is a composition of water and flowers. Skillfully crafted within the contemporary art movement. It combines the beauty of flowers and water in a graffiti style that accentuates vibrant colors. The canvas bursts with vivid shades of gold, creating an abstract composition that truly mesmerizes.


The bold and expressive brushstrokes add a graffiti-inspired and street art-like quality to the artwork. The visible texture and dynamic strokes further enhance its visual appeal, making it a striking piece that captures the essence of modern art.


In the depths of a lush forest, you find yourself lying on your back, gazing upward at the expanse of the blue sky. The gentle sway of tree branches captures your attention, as a beam of vibrant blue peeks through the foliage. You lie there, immersed in the beauty of nature, daydreaming on the soft grass. You lose yourself in the tranquility, embracing the blossoms adorning the trees and the sense of security that surrounds you.


There is no need to worry or hurry. The melodic tunes of birds serenade your ears. Are you lying there with your beloved, or are you relishing a moment of solitude? This painting serves as a reminder that it's okay to pause, to take a moment to simply be. It reminds you that it's beneficial to look at things from a different perspective, to raise your gaze and change your view.


Belonging to the contemporary art movement, this piece is a stunning fusion of elements, showcasing folwers en trees in a graffiti style that highlights the colors. The canvas bursts with vibrant shades of gold, creating an abstract composition that captivates the senses.

The thick, visible brushstrokes imbue the artwork with a graffiti-inspired and street art-like appeal.


Availability - 1 Original Modern Painting on Canvas


Dimensions - This painting is an original Dutch artwork measuring 160 x 120 cm


ARTWORK "LOOK AT ME" Large Modern Painting: Dutch Contemporary Art. Mixed media on canvas -. Abstract Artwork with vibrant colors, graffiti style, and powerful presence for a warm and contemporary interior. Women's face and eyes on canvas. by Artist Amber Houweling 


Dutch Female Artist - Amber Houweling, The Netherlands, Utrecht, Domcity ART Personally hand-painted this artwork on canvas. It is stretched on a durable wooden frame and protected with a varnish coating, ensuring long-lasting beauty and quality.


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Embrace the beauty of this painting and enhance your art collection with this extraordinary artwork by Amber Houweling. Delight in the power of art.

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