Large Modern Painting: Dutch Contemporary Artwork by Amber Houweling - Abstract Pink Blossom with Butterfly

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Experience the artwork "Sweet Poison." It is a large contemporary painting by Amber Houweling, a talented Dutch artist. This artwork celebrates women and symbolizes their journey towards inner strength and beauty. It combines graffiti-like designs and romantic blossoms. The interplay of light and dark in this artwork merges softness and boldness.

Immerse yourself in the artwork like a butterfly. The abstract butterfly with its wings immediately grabs your attention. It symbolizes both untamed power and vulnerability. Follow the journey of a resilient woman who overcomes obstacles and transforms into a strong, beautiful butterfly. It invites you to explore your own inner strength and beauty. "Sweet Poison" serves as a reminder that personal change is within our reach, just like the butterfly.

This painting is a must-have for art lovers. It is meticulously crafted with attention to detail using high-quality mixed materials.

Amber Houweling, a Dutch artist, personally hand-painted this artwork on canvas. It is stretched on a durable wooden frame and protected with a varnish coating, ensuring long-lasting beauty and quality.

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Embrace the beauty of this painting and enhance your art collection with this extraordinary artwork by Amber Houweling. Delight in the power of art.

ARTWORK "Sweet Poison" Large Modern Painting: Dutch Contemporary Art by Amber Houweling. Abstract Pink Blossom with Butterfly.

Afmeting - Dimensions - The artwork is large 160 x 120 cm (lxb)

Beschikbaarheid - Availability - 1 Original Modern painting on canvas

Vrouwelijke kunstenaar - Female Artist - Amber Houweling, The Neterlands, Utrecht, Domcity ART

Materiaal - Material

Mixed media on canvas - Large Modern Painting: Dutch Contemporary Art by Amber Houweling - Abstract Pink Blossom with Butterfly

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