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Discover the fascinating world of digital artwork and high-quality photo art, printed on stunning plexiglass.

Here, you will find a unique way to experience art. My modern compositions featuring cityscapes and urban city looks bring a contemporary ambiance to any space, catering specifically to art enthusiasts and those who appreciate Utrecht.

I am excited to announce that soon, NFTs will also be available. This represents art in its newest form, where the digital world merges with artistic expression.


Feel free to explore all my artworks, which consist of a combination of photos, drawings, and stamps that converge into unique images.

Each artwork is meticulously crafted with up to 20 different layers, incorporating diverse photo elements.


Furthermore, If you have an interest in a personalized commission, no problem! I am open to creating custom digital artworks.

Get in touch with me through the contact form or send me an email.


Allow yourself to be surprised by the versatility and beauty of my artworks. Discover the power of digital art and enrich your world with these one-of-a-kind compositions.


Amber Houweling