My Story

Hi, I'am Amber Houweling

I am an abstract-realist painter, manager, and creative entrepreneur living in the heart of the Netherlands in Utrecht. Since 2019, I have made a significant change in my life, transitioning to become a professional, self-representing artist, connecting directly with collectors.


My sunlit home studio is a thriving creative space where I live and work with my husband and teenage son. My mission is to create art that makes the world more beautiful.

Behind The Art

My inspiration stems from a deep desire to inspire others to explore themselves and find the freedom to express who they truly are. I believe that everyone deserves to be embraced for who they are and to experience all the wonders our world has to offer.


I believe that life is an adventure, and inspiration can be found everywhere around us. I strive to create art that reflects the viewer, challenging them to reveal their true selves.


From The Beginning

My passion for drawing and painting started at a very young age, at the age of 4. I would paint on everything, including the walls of my bedroom, and I still do.

I have painted our bedroom and my son's room.

After a long career in the financial world, I made the decision to pursue art as a professional career in 2019, and my business has been thriving ever since.


This independence brings me so much joy in my heart and forms the core of my vision as an artist - to share my art with the world and pave the way for women to become financially independent and for all female entrepreneurs. Art, beauty, romance, and love are the things we live for. Follow your heart and your passion. Enjoy all the beautiful moments.