What do I do differently? I stand for a world with more female artists and more female entrepreneurs.

A world where creativity, science, and innovation play a significant role. I stand for speaking up about what you believe in and daring to be yourself! Inclusivity. Everyone is included. Depth in art, quality, beauty. Freedom! Superpower, enjoyment, passion, observation, learning, embracing challenges. Speak up!


I draw inspiration from the distant journeys I take. I translate the experiences and expressions of different cultures into my work. On one hand, I do this by capturing the cities, the architecture, the way the city lives; on the other hand, I depict nature, filled with beautiful plants and animals. I love collecting beautiful things, traveling around.

I contemplate and paint the details of my observations. Painting is a way for me to express these insights and ideas, with each artwork forming a symbolic collection that can be reinterpreted by others.


The powerful visual language I employ oscillates between figuration and abstraction. Modern, powerful, stylish, innovative, and colorful. This unique blend of different techniques and materials is instantly recognizable. By creating dramatic tension and energy, I want to challenge you to look at art and discover its various layers of storytelling. To evoke a sense of inspiring zest for life. I achieve this by using vibrant colors, neon, street art, and out-of-the-box elements with a distinct twist.


Tropical surreal vistas from distant journeys adorned with lush greenery. I transport you to different worlds. Imaginatively combined with flowers and female faces, digital art, mixed media, photos, and drawings. Sometimes with my hometown, Utrecht, as the main theme, incorporated into a modern composition. Read more....

Hi, I'm Amber, an artist who creates large modern paintings. I also create commissioned paintings, tailored to your preferences. Let me help you make your home beautiful with Art and Design. Make your home unique!