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Prices for commissioned paintings on canvas (size: 120 x 80 cm) start at €3250.

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Visit by appointment- Amber Houweling - only use app +31 (0)6 22 699 121.


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Portrait artist Amber Houweling an artist from Utrecht who creates large modern paintings and digital art. I also create commissioned paintings, tailored to your preferences. Let me help you make your home beautiful with Art and Design. Make your home uni

Hi, I'm Amber, an artist who creates large modern paintings. I also create commissioned paintings, tailored to your preferences. Let me help you make your home beautiful with Art and Design. Make your home unique!

ADDRESS: DOMCITYART, The Netherlands, Utrecht 

Visit by appointment

Amber Houweling - only app +31 (0)6 22 699 121.

Explore artist Amber Houweling from Utrecht at work in her studio, passionately painting vibrant and contemporary artworks. Witness her expertise with a brush and palette as she brings to life colorful abstract pieces featuring women's faces and the encha
Explore the artistic studio haven of Amber Houweling, a Utrecht-based painter, immersed in her passion within a luxurious home studio. The space boasts an abundance of creativity, featuring various paintings, a large plant, a desk with a chair, a table ad