CV Amber Houweling



I create so that each artwork makes the world more beautiful.


In my colorful studio, surrounded by my paintings filled with vibrant colors and artistic chaos, I create my unique artworks. I am an artist; I am a boundary-pusher, a storyteller. I want to make the world more beautiful with every brushstroke.


I stand for more than just art. I stand for a world where creativity, science, and freedom take the spotlight. I want to show you that depth and beauty go hand in hand, and that art challenges you to look, to learn, and to face the challenges.


I draw inspiration from my far-flung travels, where I discover the cultural richness of different countries. Whether it's the bustling cities with their architecture and vibrant streets, or the serene beauty of nature with its lush plants, flowers, and animals, I translate each experience into my work.


With my art, I strive for elegance; I challenge myself to keep evolving. On my large canvases, I paint with bold colors and occasionally add neon and street art style, giving my work a modern and powerful allure. My paintings transport you to tropical surrealist vistas, where green dominates the world and you can momentarily escape to other realms.


Through my art, I introduce you to a blend of techniques and materials. I combine fantasy, flowers, female faces, digital art, mixed media, photos, and drawings into enchanting compositions. Each artwork has multiple layers, and I invite you to look deeper, to discover the profound meaning and feel the inspiring zest for life.


My ambition extends beyond my art alone. I strive for greater financial self-sufficiency for women and want to encourage them to raise their voices and be true to themselves. My art is my voice and my weapon in the fight for equality, freedom, and creativity. I hope that my artworks inspire women to tell their own stories and dare to be who they truly are.


With a mischievous smile on my face, I adjust my painter's apron and take my brush in hand. Through my art, I aim to convey a message of hope, inspiration, and positive change. And with every brushstroke, every colorful expression, I show that we are all unique and that our stories are worth telling.


Curriculum Vitae - Amber Houweling

Artist and Entrepreneur, Domcityart Utrecht and Houweling Advies



  • 33 years of experience in the business services sector with major banks and insurance companies
  • 33 years of experience in the visual arts


Plans for 2024 and the Future:

Further expanding my company, DomcityArt Utrecht, focusing on growth and collaboration

Utilizing artistic and business leadership within the cultural sector

  • Collaborating with a coach to achieve goals and leverage networks
  • Organizing exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Offering courses in creative thinking, art, and entrepreneurship
  • Building further recognition in the Netherlands and internationally
  • Playing a crucial role in the development of artists and audience participation through networking
  • Contributing to a more inclusive art world and creative entrepreneurship
  • Organizing the Kunstfeest Zeist in the Slottuinen in collaboration with other artists
  • Actively networking within the LinC Club platform with 500 members
  • Member of the network for entrepreneurial women - EntreFemmes



Experienced artist and manager with a background in business services as a Project/Change Manager. With 32 years of experience in both the financial sector and the visual arts, I am able to combine my creative skills with my business knowledge. As an artist and entrepreneur, I focus on creating and selling paintings and digital artworks, both nationally and internationally. My passion lies in sharing my art to make the world more beautiful and inspire women to be financially independent. With my experience as an artist and project manager, I am capable of organizing art projects and events, conducting workshops, and forming collaborations with other artists and organizations. I am determined to utilize my artistic and business leadership within the cultural sector and contribute to a more inclusive art world and creative entrepreneurship.


2019 - 2024

  • Creation and sale of paintings and digital artworks domestically and internationally
  • Management of a thriving art studio in Utrecht
  • Leading artistic and business workshops and courses
  • Organizing art exhibitions and events with innovative cross-overs
  • Collaborating with other artists and organizations
  • Applying for grants and developing new revenue model
  • Manager/Project Manager (Freelance), various assignments
  • Managing and coordinating art projects
  • Advising on artistic and business aspects of projects
  • Developing and implementing project plans
  • Budget management and financial reporting
  • Guest Lecturer (Freelance), various universities and companies
  • Delivering guest lectures and workshops on art, creativity, and entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring and guiding students and professionals in their artistic and business development
  • Adapting teaching materials to different target groups and learning needs


Completed Education in the Cultural Sector

Master's program LinC A, Utrecht University (2022)

  • Course on successful entrepreneurship in the cultural sector, Maaike Steenis (2022)
  • Various workshops and training on artistic leadership, creativity, and business


Exhibitions and Shows

  • Art exhibition at Time Square, New York City, America december 2024
  • Art exhibitions at fairs and galleries in the Netherlands and abroad (2020 - Present)
  • Participation in various art fairs, including Eindhoven Art Fair and Amsterdam ADAF
  • Online exhibitions on various galleries and platforms
  • Solo exhibition Grytte Utrecht (2021) featuring 30 of my artworks
  • Participation in the Zeist atelier route
  • Participation in the Utrecht atelier route
  • Curator of an exhibition at Waterbolk Gallery, Utrecht city center
  • Exhibition at Rabobank Utrecht
  • Exhibition Utrecht Central Station
  • Exhibition Cobra Museum of Modern Art



Publication of my work in Vind Magazine (2016)

  • Artist's book (2015)
  • Various articles and contributions on different social media channels


Awards and Mentions

  • Painting of the Year (2020, 2021)
  • Artwork of the Year (2019)
  • Mention during the Zeist atelier route
  • Network Zeist for entrepreneurs
  • Women in Finance WIFS network
  • Article in Vind Magazine (2016)
  • Mentions in various other publications


International Collaborations

Collaboration with international gallery Marziart in Hamburg

  • Invitations to art fairs in China and Japan



  • Master's program LinC A at Utrecht University (2022)
  • Education and workshops in artistic leadership, creativity, and business



  • Creative thinking and artistic skills
  • Marketing/Commercial Economics and Business Economics
  • Design Thinking/concept development/product development
  • Project management and organizational skills
  • Guest lecturing and knowledge transfer
  • Business acumen and entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Grant applications and fundraising
  • Communication skills and publications


Language Proficiency

  • Dutch (fluent)
  • English (fluent)



Available upon request



Portfolio with examples of my artworks and projects



Hi, I'm Amber, an artist who creates large modern paintings. I also create commissioned paintings, tailored to your preferences. Let me help you make your home beautiful with Art and Design. Make your home unique!