Artwork: Large Digital Modern | Dom Tower Utrecht | Amber Houweling

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Artwork: Large Digital Modern Artwork, Dutch Contemporary Photoart Printed on Plexiglas

Artist: Amber Houweling

Title: Dom Tower Utrecht | Domcityart

Availability: 10 artworks - Special Edition

Dimensions: This Dutch artwork measures 100 x 80 cm

Amber Houweling, a Dutch female artist from Utrecht, has skillfully crafted this captivating artwork within the contemporary art movement. It combines the beauty of the city with a graffiti style that accentuates vibrant colors. The bold and expressive lines add a graffiti-inspired and street art-like quality to the piece, while the visible texture enhances its visual appeal, making it a striking representation of modern art.

This unique artwork is a composition of new, modern digital art and contemporary urban street art, drawing inspiration from the city of Utrecht. With only 10 available art prints on plexiglas, it is an exclusive creation. The artwork consists of different layers that converge into a stunning photographic representation. The image showcases various graphic figures, vibrant colors, round circles, and birds.


The iconic Dom Tower of Utrecht and the characteristic canal houses take center stage, allowing you to even glimpse beneath the Dom. People can be seen walking the streets in the photograph, with the time captured at five minutes to four, as indicated by the clock tower. The cityscape breathes with life, as people walk, cycle, and even enjoy ice cream. The contrast between the stillness of time and the vibrant movement renders this artwork both unique and contemporary. It serves as a modern artistic expression that beautifully captures the dynamic nature of the city.


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Embrace the beauty of this artwork and enhance your art collection with this extraordinary piece by Amber Houweling. Delight in the power of art.


Enjoy your purchase of this exquisite artwork.